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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Compare Asus Eee Pc 1008HA with HP Mini 1000

For netbooks with 10.1" screen, Asus Eee Pc 1008HA is the smallest and slimmest netbook in Asus brand but it's not in the world netbook markets. HP mini 1000 looks slimmer than Eee Pc 1008HA so how different between them? Let's get down to this comparison.

Both netbooks, Asus Eee Pc 1008HA and HP Mini 1000, have the same things which are 2 USB ports and resized VGA port that required VGA adapter. The difference is battery of HP Mini 1000 that can be unpluged and taken away from body, in the other hand, Asus Eee Pc 1008HA
has a built-in battery, hidden in the body.

Asus Eee Pc 1008HA looks slimmer than HP, although the thickest part of body of Asus is thicker than HP because Asus Eee Pc 1008 HA use 2.5" harddisk but HP use 1.8" harddisk which is smaller and slimmer.

When open the screen, Asus Eee Pc 1008HA seems to be higher and its body is bigger.

Asus Eee Pc 1008HA make a trade-off between small keyboard area and big touchpad area, so Asus come with small keyboard but expert touchpad. In contrast, HP provide big keyboard but touchpad is too small and the buttons have been moved to each sides of touchpad.

The other same thing is their screens are made from glass not plastic. HP's weight is 1.02 kg while Asus's is 1.09 kg.

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flakefrost said...

i recently purchased my second eeepc purely for pentesting with backtrack linux. eeepc's always work fantastic with backtrack! so i'm always satisfied :)


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