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1.To block pop-ups, you have to download firefox from website or download here and install it on your computer.
2.Open firefox, and then click menu bar tools>add-ons.
3.The new window will appear, click on "get extensions"
4.It will link to mozilla web page, find and click on "Adblock plus"
5.Download it and install to your computer.
6.Following its instruction (I recommend Easylist for filter)
7.Enjoy your download with no pop-up.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rotate your Asus Eee Pc

EeeRotate best buy gift card
It makes you more easy to read E-book on asus eee pc because this program can rotate your asus eee pc screen. moreover, it not only rotates the screen but it also rotates your touch pad too. You can carry your asus eee pc like a book while you're reading E-book(See picture) or you can place it on the desk like a photograph frame. this pogram can rotate your asus eee pc 90, 180, and 270 degree. [best buy gift card]

To use this program, you have to download it from the website or Download Here and install in your Local disk C:. After you finished installed, now you can use it to rotate your asus eee pc. Press Cltl+Alt+Arrow to rotate. The result of rotation depends on the arrow you press. For example, you press Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow, the screen and touch pad will be rotated to right 90 degree like above picture. If you press Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow, the screen and touch pad will be rotated to 180 degree or display upside-down desktop. Returning to your default screen, you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow. This program is suitable for E-book reader because it looks like you read a book while you are reading E-book on your asus eee pc. Or people who want to decorate your office desk with some photo frame, this program can help you.[best buy gift card]


Greg said...

This is a great idea. One addition, if you run win7 the arrow command doesn't work, but you can rotate the screen by using the Screen Resolution menu (rt click on the desktop). My touchpad doesn't reorient right, but the mouse works well.
I'm going to download a novel and see if this is comfortable for a long read.
Thanks again!

jason said...

I tried it on my 8G and it doesn't change the screen. CTRL-ALT-RIGHT changes the way the cursor moves, but none of the other key combos do anything (except for CTRL-ALT-UP, shich fixes the mouse movement after the first change). No screen change.

till said...

Hm, isn't that something included in the original Asus EEE package? At least, my EEE 901 did this (rotate the screen with Strg-Alt-Arrow, alas not the touchpad) - until recently.

Has anyone any idea why that could be?

And what does this little tool do that the original hack didn't do?

Max said...

I did this (well actually, my cat sat on the keys, and I had to google this site:) but it seems like the screen resolution is a little blurry when its rotated; not very good for reading. Any ideas??

Di's Books said...

have the new 1015 and when I tried to rotate a book page I got about 3/4 of it. Reduced the font but this did not help. Any ideas?

Feliy said...

It makes you more easy to read E-book on asus eee pc because this ... 2asusmonitor.blogspot.de

jake Bercher said...

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